The Best Blogs for Filmmakers

In the off-chance you’ve only ever read this blog (looking at you, Mom) it’s worth noting that there are A LOT of other resources out there when you want to learn about marketing, video production, freelancing, and filmmaking. At Droi Media we try and cover a good amount of stuff but we can’t do it all. Here are some of the blogs that we use regularly to stay up-to-date with the industry, learn new skills, or just watch fun behind-the-scenes clips.

  • FilmmakerIQ - self-proclaimed (if a website can do that) as an online school containing the “largest black hole of film knowledge in the universe” FIQ is a great resource for video geeks, filmmakers, cinephiles, and anyone else who has an interest in movies or film. They have a pretty robust YouTube channel as well.
  • Black and Blue - while now pretty much defunct (there have been no postings in well over 2 years) TheBlackandBlue, helmed by Evan Luzi, is still a repository of incredible information for anyone interesting in working in film, particular as a camera assistant. Definitely worth checking out.
  • NoFilmSchool - one of the big players in the filmmaking and video production blogosphere, NFS curates and produces TONS of top notch content. While it would be easy to feel jealous and bitter and a little irritated that some of our tutorials have never made… ahem. Sorry. While there is a lack of Droi Media tutorials on the site it is still one of THE go-to resources for anyone in the film or video industries. Be sure to check out their Twitter account and YouTube channel as well.
  • DIYPhotography - DIYP hosts a huge selection of curated DIY photography and videography tutorials, tips, tricks, and other information from all over the world. If you like making your own gear or want insights on doing things yourself then you gotta visit this site. They have a pretty active Twitter account as well.
  • Philip Bloom - one of the filmmakers celebrated with helping to usher in the DSLR revolution, Philip has decades of experience in the film and video industry and shares this experience constantly with gear reviews, training videos, giveaways, and other neat projects. He’s also got some really cute cats he posts photos of regularly so at the very least be sure to check those out.
  • VideoMaker - the VM blog has a ton of posts to help you become a better video maker. One of the older players (you can actually still get the print magazine), VideoMaker is known for their original content, online courses, and their famous “Buyer’s Guide” for all things video.
  • PremiumBeat - a blog chock-full of original and curated content from around the world, PremiumBeat is probably best known for their regular freebie giveaways (like light leaks, sound effects, etc.). Be sure to add them to your list of sites to check out because free stuff is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what they have to offer.
  • Newsshooter - a blog written by people working in the industry, Newsshooter has TONS of practical gear reviews, useful tutorials, and some of the best event and industry news coverage I’ve ever seen in any field. Visit their blog, their YouTube channel, and check out their Twitter feed to stay as up-to-date as their are on all things filmmaking.
  • FilmRiot - FilmRiot holds the nerdy EGOT-esque prize for having a stellar YouTube channel, a subReddit, a blog, and a podcast. The FR team is dedicated to making a name for themselves through their insanely good short films, their frequent filmmaking tutorials, their (new) podcast, and their blog. Seriously though, do these guys even sleep?
  • TheFilmLook - Rob and Rich are two blokes on a quest to achieve the elusive film look “one shot at a time.” While their primary content is produced for their YouTube channel and their podcast, you can find TheFilmLook’s stuff on the front page of nearly every blog on this post - which should tell you how good their stuff is. If you’re not following them you need to be.

What blogs did we miss? Are there others you read that you think we should add to this list? Let us know!

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