Happy Birthday Droi Media!

Ten years ago, I was just a boy with a camera, a degree, and a bad haircut. I've taken that camera across the country, telling stories for my job, for fun, and for beer money. I got into this industry because I loved animals, animation, and the nerdy technical details that make a visual world happen. 

Today, I work my full-time day job, creating videos for a large university in the Midwest. But in my spare time, I video. The last few years of my life have led up to Droi Media. After living a nomadic lifestyle with my wife (and lovely production manager, Jordan) and trio of animals, we settled down in Normal, Illinois. Settling down provided my minor freelancing to evolve into a almost full-time production company in my spare bedroom. 

Droi Media was created as an outlet to tell stories, whether it be for an environmental non-profit, a fundraising event, a local business, or a folk band. My videos are designed to inform, to entertain, and to provide a fun experience for audiences. And, this particular blog space will be used by myself and Jordan to share videos, tips, and information with our clients, videographers, and aspiring freelancers. 

The last ten years have been crazy, stressful, and exciting...and have all lead to this. Happy Birthday Droi Media!