Top 10 Things I've Noticed About Freelancing Over the Holidays

This is my first holiday season working from home, and I’ve had a few epiphanies about how different life is now versus when I just had a full-time job.

1. While you’re “sitting at home all day” (Jordan’s phrase, not mine), your spouse will expect you to do all the online shopping for Christmas gifts. 

2. Being in charge of the online shopping means you can ‘accidentally’ add video gear to the shopping cart and they won’t notice. 

Shopping Cart Screenshot for WEB AGAIN.jpg

3. And working from home means you can wear ugly holiday sweaters without judgement for weeks on end. 

4. You also have the opportunity to drink during the day if you want, but it can be a double edged sword. Enjoying one single malt scotch can lead to some great ideas….. 

....while enjoying an entire carton of eggnog can lead to being blunt with clients. 

5. And in addition to clients, there’s usually an onslaught of family members, like drunk uncles and cheek-pinching aunts ...

...who want to know what you do with all of your extra "free time". But there’s an even bigger threat that lurks around during this time: the relative that wants you to bring your camera to the family gathering to you know, “just take a few photos” or “film the family” because they’re “so funny” that they “should have their own reality TV show”. These relatives, on the search for a freebie, often make a great case for why you should do it, including that it will be great for your career (yeah, right), it will go viral (as if), and insert old relative here will love it (she doesn’t even know what YouTube is!).

6. That being said, video gear can be handy to have around the holidays, and there are tons of opportunities for it.

7. Those few really nice months you had this Fall?



Well, no one (you or your clients) has any money left this time of year.

8. Which means being able to build stuff will come in handy when you have to give gifts on the cheap.

9. Unfortunately, you’ll be getting homemade gifts too because everything on your Christmas List is way too expensive

10. Even with all the good and bad, the best part about working from home around the holidays? You’ll always have warm feet and plenty of company.


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