Here’s a list of some of our used video gear that’s currently for sale - if you’re interested in any of the items below, or have questions about any of them, send us an email! We’ll cover shipping to US addresses unless noted in the item’s description.

Glidecam HD-2000 Stabilizer - $100

My first gimbal / stabilizer. This was purchased nearly a decade ago, and has seen a LOT of use. There’s some visible wear and tear but functionally this still works great.

SmallRig 15mm Rod Handles + Cold Shoe Handle - $35

These handles were part of my shoulder rig for awhile and then as an additional handle on my handheld rig. The top handle tightens into the shoe mount on top and has some 1/4x20 mounting holes for other accessories. Like all SmallRig products these things are durable AF - other than being a little dusty all three handles are in great condition.

Canon T2i + Battery Grip + Batteries + SD Cards - $75

My first DSLR and an utter workhorse of a camera - I seriously used this thing almost every day for 7 years. It comes with the Canon battery grip which gives some extra heft / size and allows you to use two batteries at once. Includes 4 8GB SD cards and some batteries (I believe there are 6 but honestly they don’t hold a charge well). This was a criminally underrated camera and simply needs a good home to live out the rest of its days.

SmallRig Cheese Plate - $25

An unused SmallRig cheese plate with TONS of 3/4 and 1/4 holes for mounting or rigging your camera and accessories. Originally purchased to mount to 15mm rods for a v-mount battery setup I ended up simply not using it.

CoolLights Tungsten Fresnel Lights - $200

A 650W and 2 150W tungsten Fresnel lights. These are incredible lights in need of a good forever home. The 650W light comes with a set of scrims, and all three lights have barn doors. Other than a few cosmetic dings these are all in great shape.